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2020 Iowa State Shoot has been CANCELLED!

Dear ISTA Members

The planning, implementation of those plans, and decisions we make as officers and directors of our great organization, are sometimes tough, and may seem unfair and unjust to some. But we as officers and directors must make these decisions, based on the information we have, and what we feel is best for our organization and all its members. The uncertainties we are facing during the Covid 19 outbreak are making these decisions even more challenging. In the past weeks we have been faced with many issues concerning our state shoot. With the recent rise in Iowa cases we are facing a severe trap line help shortage. Many of our youth come from softball and baseball teams, and as you may have heard are being hard hit with positive testing for Covid. Vendors are canceling , pre squad numbers are not what we should be seeing, and with the rising number of cases and hospitalization, safety is a very big concern. The Govenor’s current proclamation is set to expire on July 25. I have not been able to receive any information on what the new proclamation will include, or what new guidelines might be put in place, but to be shut down during our event would be financially devastating for our organization.  But with this being said, we as officers and directors should at no time, put the safety and well being of our staff, employees, volunteers, and especially you, our membership and out of state guests in jeopardy for financial gain. Many events have been cancelled, and lives have been changed due to the Covid 19 pandemic. But I know that we as Trapshooters, Iowans and Americans will overcome these trials, and emerge stronger than before.

This morning, with all the new information I’ve been receiving, I sent an email to all Directors asking them to vote on whether we should push forward, even with so many unknowns, or cancel our State Shoot for 2020. The vote from the directors resulted in a tie. As you know I must cast the tie breaking vote, and with all the unknowns and uncertainties, I cast the tie breaking vote to CANCEL The Iowa State Trapshooting Championships for 2020. I remind you I do this solely out of concern for the health and safety of our staff, volunteers, community, and especially you, our members and guests. This was a very difficult decision, and we ask for your patience and understanding on this matter. Thank You.

Steve Glasgow

PRE-SQUAD REFUNDS: Shooters have two options. If you want to retain your same squad and post assignment for the 2021 Iowa State Shoot – you do not have to do anything – your reservation will be rolled to next year.  If you wish to receive a refund for fees paid – please contact Sandra at  to make your request.  Fees cannot be transferred and applied to a different registered shoot.

CAMPING REFUNDS:  Please send an email to to indicate whether you would like to carry your payment to the 2021 Iowa State Shoot or would like a refund issued to you.

CART PERMITS, PARKING AND CART RENTAL REFUNDS: All cart rental, cart permit and parking permit payments will be refunded by check from the ISTA.

NORTHWEST ZONE SHOOT UPDATE – rescheduled for July 11-12, 2020 at Schaller

The 2020 Target Year is HERE! Pay your dues today! If your name isn’t on the list your membership is NOT current.

Check here for an updated list as of June 30, 2020

Just a reminder – if you live in Iowa and shoot registered targets in Iowa…you are required to have a current ISTA membership. This includes Big 50’s and Registered League!


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Times, they are a changing…

Just a few things you need to know…

First,  Life members should receive their newly designed permanent cards soon.  Cards for our Annual and Youth members are similar in appearance, complete with their permanent assigned ISTA membership number.  Current membership information is available on our website and is updated regularly.  Issuance of paper cards annually has been discontinued.

Second, unfortunately, due to the cancellation of the SCTP Trap Championships, the continuation of the electric upgrade has been put on hold until funds become available – hopefully Spring 2021.

And lastly, on April 29 I advised the Board of Directors of my decision to vacate the Secretary/Treasurer position as of August 31, 2020.  I am awaiting direction from the Board on how they wish to proceed and what skills the desire in the new Secretary/Treasurer.  I know from my experience that knowledge of Word, Excel and QuickBooks is extremely helpful.  Anyone interested in learning more about the position should contact their respective Zone Director or President Glasgow.

It has been my honor to serve you, the members, of the ISTA and i look forward to seeing you on the trapline soon.

Stay well,



Congratulations to the 2019 Iowa State Trap Team Members!


2020 Iowa State Shoot – CANCELLED
July 21-26, 2020

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