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Just a reminder – if you live in Iowa and shoot registered targets in Iowa…you are required to have a current ISTA membership. This includes Big 50’s and Registered League!

Commemorative Coins Available 

The ISTA has an opportunity for you, your friends, and family to purchase special coins minted for two Iowa State Trap Shoots. There are coins available from the 100th Anniversary and the 2020 Iowa State Trap Shoot. If you are interested in purchasing either or both of these items, please go to the link below to complete the form.

These items will go on a first come first serve basis. The form provides a timestamp as to when it was completed. Each day the form will be checked to see if the number available has been reached. Once the available number has been reached for one or both items, the form will either be modified or no more responses will be accepted.

Here is the link:

Target Attainment

Anyone wishing to receive a target attainment award earned, please contact:
Kevin Hartwig at

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ATA Shoot Report

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2023 Iowa State Shoot Results

July 18-23, 2023

  • 2023 Iowa State Shoot Program
    The ISTA is announcing a change to the factory shell policy for handicap events at the 2023 Iowa State shoot in regards to the $10,000 handicap challenge. The current rule states that all handicap events must be shot using factory loads.
    We have reassessed the rule and have decided to give shooters the option to opt in or out of the $10,000 challenge. This opt in or out option will be done when you classify. If you opt OUT during classification you will not be allowed to opt IN at any time after and vise versa. If you choose to opt OUT you will be allowed to use any legal load established by the ATA rule book. Furthermore, if you opt OUT of the challenge you will still qualify for all purses, options, and trophies for all handicap events that you participate in.
  • Pay Off Sheet

2022 Iowa State Shoot results

Membership Talents

If you are an ISTA member, or know someone who is, that could provide the ISTA a service through your business, please complete the Membership Talents Survey. This will provide the board with a list of individuals who could help with various projects and the appropriate contact information.

Membership Talents Survey

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