All athletes must have their ATA and ISTA membership fees paid prior to the event.


Parking is extremely limited and carpooling is encouraged. If you are bringing a team trailer, registration is required [see below].

Practice traps:

Designated practice traps will be open on Tuesday, June 4 from 3 to 7pm. Starting at 7am on Wednesday and for the remainder of the event, practice will be allowed on 10 designated traps from 7 to 8 am and then on 2 designated traps for the remainder of the day [barring unforeseen circumstances]. Practice tickets are required and can be purchased in the registration building. Cost for practice is $6.00 per round of 25 targets or 12 pair for doubles. Ammunition will be available for purchase as well.


1. Camp sites will have water and electric service.
2. Garbage must be bagged and put in the dumpster or garbage cans.
3. Gun racks, range tables belonging to the ISTA are to remain at the traps.
4. Campers must keep campers, canopies, stakes and vehicle(s) within your marked area. Parking will be strictly enforced. Vehicles illegally parked will be towed away with no advance notice.
5. Campers may arrive any time after 1 pm on Tuesday, June 4th. No early arrivals. Campers may stay over until Monday noon but will be required to remit camping fees for the extra night.
6. Campfires, fire pits, wading pools and swimming pools are prohibited. No carts,ATV/UTV’s are permitted except for those used by staff to facilitate the shoot.Do not even bring onto the property.

Team Trailer Parking:

1. Team trailers are to be parked in their designated site only, regardless of where your team may be shooting.

2. The sites will be large enough for the team trailer and tow vehicle and, depending on demand, space for a small canopy. You must ensure any vehicle(s), trailer, canopies, stakes and equipment remain within your marked area.
3. All bus parking will be off-site. Your team bus may off-load at the range but will not be able to park on grounds. Details for the off-site parking will be available after May 1 on the DNR website.